14 Days of Valentines

Happy February! Side note, does anyone else struggle pronouncing this month?

I am super excited and have been counting down the days for Feb. 1st. Beeeecaaaauuuussssee I have been planning a super sweet 14 days of gifts idea for my amazing hubby. I normally don't give into this hallmark holiday. Our past Valentines Days have been spent eating take out...we will probably still eat take out. But this year I got an amazing idea from a friend and decided to roll with it. You guessed it, 14 days of gifts.

I got this adorable little mailbox from Target and plan to fill it each day (hopefully I don't forget). I wanted to share with you the details about whats going inside. I am going to spare you from the obviously inappropriate ideas because, hi mom, and not sure if everyone wants to know lol. But here are a few ideas to get your creative side working.

  • Favorite Candy
  • Movie Night ( I bought an iTunes gift card because 1 we have an apple tv and can rent from there. 2 we have a toddle, so date nights in are way easier).
  • Scratch offs. Who doesn't love winning money?
  • Love note
  • Mug
  • Firewood, I know that won't fit in the mailbox!

So there ya have it, I am so excited for day one. Follow along on insta to see how it goes 


P.S. for the folks that aren't easily offended, and want to get ideas for the stuff I can't/won't put here, feel free to message me! 


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