I have never been a believer in organic foods or products. Let's face it, buying organic costs more money and our government wouldn't let us eat, wear, or use chemicals that harmed us, right? I always assumed this was a sales gimmick for companies to charge us more money and have us think we are bettering ourselves. Boy, was I wrong. 

After my father passed from cancer, I started doing my own research. I was appalled at what I found. While I can't say what brought it on, I can try to protect, prevent, or prolong sickness or disease in my family. I am by no means an expert on this subject. In fact, I just started to make this lifestyle change. I still eat mcdonalds, and I still use my fake tanner! But I am working towards a change.

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine told me about Beauty Counter. She was telling me about her new skin care routine and raving about these products. She told me how Beauty Counter offers safer products and how I needed to try it. So I did. And now I am hooked! They offer safe products that work. The video below can explain more :) 


Right now these products are featured in Target. They will only be available for a few more weeks. After they are gone, you can shop them here. If you do shop through target you will receive a coupon for a free item, to redeem it, click on my link! 

This is just one small change that I have made. I am not perfect but am striving to better myself each day. I can't wait to share more as I learn. If you have questions about Beauty Counter leave it in the comments below :)

HealthCadie Fletcher