Bedroom Refresh ft All Modern


We all have that catch all room that keeps our home from looking magazine worthy….right?! Mine has always been the guest room. It’s easy to throw my to do list items in and shut the door. But when its time for that room to serve its purpose the procrastination and dread settles in.

2020 has taught me to make the room work for you — thanks home edit! Today that’s what I’m doing. So long room full of crap & hello beautiful guest room.

I ordered a few pieces from All Modern to help me quickly refresh this space in time for the holidays. Our room is quite small so I needed items that could help bring life to the room, be functional, and not take up too much space.


The first thing that caught my eye was this beautiful faux plant. Tall enough to fill the room and provided a pop of color to keep it homey. Since my guest room is usually out of sight and out of mind, I knew a real plant would shrivel up. I don’t have to worry about giving it water or natural light — less is more folks 😉


Next I added this corner shelf. Since I’m not working with much space for big furniture items, this shelf was perfect to give some dimension and useful storage to the room. I shopped the rest of my home to style it.


My last change was this acrylic nesting side table. Acrylic is perfect for small spaces, because it creates an illusion that you have more space! This set works perfectly as a nightstand without being bulky or taking up too much room!

I can’t wait to host my next guest in this refreshed room. Until then, it’s Mr. Finnigan’s domain!

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