Bring the Party Outside!

Summer is here! Well, it’s been in Florida for a while now but for the rest of the world it’s here! One of my favorite ways to enjoy the warm weather is by hosting outdoor parties. Today I am sharing my tips to creating the perfect outdoor space.

Let’s start with lighting. I cannot say this enough, lighting is everything! My favorite way to cozy up your patio is by adding strings of outdoor lights. BOOM it becomes instantly romantic. The first thing we did to spruce up our backyard, was add string lights to our patio. It made our plastic fold up table look fancy 😉 Fire pits and lanterns will also bring warmth & coziness causing your guests to never leave.

Privacy. No one likes looking at their neighbors. If it’s in your budget get a fence (or hold out until your neighbors get one like we did). Another option is to add shrubs. It breaks up the yard and gives the illusion of privacy.

Plants have become a new obession of mine. They bring life…literally. Nothing is more soothing than feeling one with nature. You don’t have to get all weird with this, just add some plants and remember to water them! We will be planting Apricot Drift Roses and green bushes…eventually. Hydrangeas are my favorite but they won’t do well in our yard, too much direct sun 🙁

Textures. Different textures will make your patio pristine. My favorite way to add texture outside is by using blankets and pillows. Who doesn’t love snuggling up by the fire with a comfy blanket? Although, I will warn you, ANY and ALL fabric bring inside or put it in the garage if you are not using it. Even if it’s marked as outdoor. This is the only solution I have found to keep things looking fresh. It’s a pain and heartbreak to have your beautiful outdoor rug or pillows ruined by critters and weather.

Lastly, seating. Benches, tree stumps, couches, and Adirondack chairs should do the trick. My advice, have plenty of seating for all your guests. Throw down a quilt if you run out of space!

As always I have linked my favorite items! Comment below on how do you like to host outdoors!

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