Keep it Cozy

Shorter days and longer nights. Thats the only sign of fall in Florida. The weather is starting to get a little bit cooler but it’s still shorts and sandals season in these parts. This girl is ready for bonfire days and bundling up outdoors, but until then I am going to share my top tips for cozying up your home this season!


1 Ambiance:

Lighting can work miracles. Turn off your main sources of light. Your mains can be a little harsh when trying to create a cozy atmosphere. I’m not saying hang out in the dark, instead, add a lamp or two, some candles, or get that fire started!

2 Textures:

There are so many ways to cozy up with this one!

– Check your throw pillows. Are they soft? Are they comfy? Read here to see how I switched mine up for less than $100!

– Drape some blankets on the couch. This keeps your home snuggable at any moment.

– Rock those socks/slippers. We have hardwood throughout most our home. Your toes need comfort too. Wear these babies and you’ll instantly feel the need to snuggle up.

– Pj’s all day. Our home has a revolving door. We love hosting and opening up our home to others. If you want to look presentable without the getting ready part, say hi to loungewear.

3 Aroma:

Get those fall scents going! Light up your favorite candle. Diffuse your favorite scent. Nothing tops a home that smells good!

4 Disconnect:

Put your phone down! Turn off your TV. Use this season to spend some quality time with the fam. Play some board games. Turn on some music. Read a book. Whatever floats your boat! 

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