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When it comes to blogging, I feel like I always have to stay on trend. This can get a little pricey and quick! Styles are constantly changing and it is so hard to keep up! I know my blogger friends are with me on this! I wanted to share how I got these sandals for under $20! Yes, you read that right!

So about a month ago I had dinner with a friend and she was wearing the cutest sandals. When I got home, I found them on Nordstrom, for over $100. Now I was willing to pay the price because they are just THAT cute. However, I knew my husband would go nuts if I bought another pair of shoes (it happens every time). I did my research and found these for $17.20 on Amazon. Just so we’re clear, they are still listed on Nordstrom for $117.95. I have nothing against this amazing department store, I am just blown away at how little I paid!

My best advice to staying on trend while living (frugally? that a word?)

  1. Wait it out. Things will ALWAYS go on sale. Watch the item and scoop it up once the sale goes live.
  2. Check the clearance section. It’s not all bad. Most of it is stuff you don’t want, but sometimes you can find just what you’re looking for and pay half the price!
  3. Do your research online. Always check Amazon, Ebay, or other sites like these to find your item for cheaper.
  4. Target. They have some serious Anthropologie dupes!

I’ve attached some links from my blogger friends with their best advice, so if you want to keep saving that moolah click and read


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