How to Survive a Juice Cleanse

Hey Friends. This past weekend I decided to embark on a juice cleanse. I know, I’m crazy. Why a juice cleanse? Trust me, I asked that question a million times leading up and during. For me, I wanted to rid my body of build up, toxins, and kickstart my energy. I was feeling kind of blah after all the holiday parties. Let’s face it, our bodies are not built for that amount of food and drinks in such a short time frame! So naturally, we are going to feel yuck afterwards. Now, I have done cleanses and fasts before but I knew this time was going to have some different struggles. I currently run two small businesses, assist in another, work a full time job, teach fitness classes, and volunteer, all while raising my toddler. So how the heck did I manage to stay on track?

Well, let me share. ‘How I survived a juice cleanse’.

  • Suja Juice was kind enough to send my husband and I a 3 Day Fresh Start Cleanse. They delivered 2 GIANT boxes of Juice. Everything was labeled and ready to go. This completely took the work out of it and made things way easier.
  • Check off your to-do list. I created a long list of this I had been putting off. And did them. This kept my mind and body busy and off of the fact that I wasn’t eating cheeseburgers.
  • Don’t juice alone. Ask your BFF, co-worker, spouse, etc., to juice with you. Accountability is key for success.
  • Remember this is for YOU! Push through, and you will feel great!

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