Home Tour: My Dining Room

We have FINALLY completed our dining room and obviously, I wanted to share it with you! I am what you call a “slow decorator”. This is for two reasons. 1. It costs money. 2. It takes me a while to figure out exactly what I want. 2 years later, here we are, with one room kinda finished. I have learned that filling a home takes time and patience. Now, don’t get me wrong, if I had bacoodles of money I would totally have this home looking model ready. But as you know this girl is on a budget, and that means saving up, waiting for sales, and/or finding a “similar” item for cheaper.

My dining room has been somewhat finished for a while now, but what brought this room together was my custom piece from Chromatic Binge. I have been admiring Ginnifer’s art for years! She is local to Jax, and you can find her pieces at Stellars Gallery, my favorite Jax boutique, Rosie True, and other galleries throughout the city.

Ginnifer’s talent is extraordinary! I am beyond happy with how easy this process was. She and I discussed the placement and color pallet, then she took it from there. She kept things neutral, while still bringing out life and color. I for real can’t stop staring at my wall!! Thank you Ginnifer for transforming this room! My husband doesn’t know this, but I can’t wait to complete my home with your work!

Friends, local and not, you NEED some Chromatic Binge in your life 😉

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