How to be a Morning Person

Mornings are hard. At least they are for people like me. I love hitting that snooze button, but I always feel rushed and stressed after I do. Fall is here and its time to get in the groove. So long summer sleep ins! I have finally got into a morning routine and I’m sharing it with you!

Prep the night before. This will save you so much time. I lay out my daughters clothes, shoes, backpack, and whatever else she needs for the next day. I have wasted so much time searching for matching shoes it aint even funny. Don’t forget about yourself, I have wasted even more time trying to throw an outfit together last minute.

Sweat. I can’t tell you how many times I have decided to sleep in instead of working out. Too many. I always trick myself by saying I will just go to the gym tonight after Heidi goes down. Nope. It never happens. Start your day with a workout. You will have more energy, burn more calories throughout the day, and earn bragging rights.

Read your devotion. I downloaded the app she reads truth and I love it! I grab my coffee and get to reading. I love starting my day with encouragement. Our days get so busy and we are pulled in a million directions. Its easy to get discouraged and stressed. Taking a few minutes each morning to take the time to read and pray makes all the difference for me.

Well folks there ya have it! A few favorites are linked for easy shopping 😉 Comment below on how you like to start your mornings!

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