Nursery Dreams

You guys, my baby is growing up! I never thought I would see the day when we were discussing a “big girl bed”. OMG sorry I am having a realization. Anways I wanted to give you a little background on how Heidi bugs nursery came together before it was no longer!

When I had Heidi, our house was still being built. That’s another story ;). During this transition, Joel, Heidi, and I were living at my mom and step-dad’s house. That was the LIFE (they spoiled us big time)! Needless to say we were not expecting to stay as long as we did which resulted in a make do nursery/office for Heidi. She slept in our room but that didn’t stop me from begging my husband to set up her crib. Side note, she never used it. Since I didn’t have my blank canvas of a room, I did a lot of online shopping…A LOT, and pieced things together as they came in the mail.

Once we finally moved into our home, the nursery was my first project. Since I purchased things along the way, I was super excited to put it all together. The first thing to get hung was, “The Velveteen Rabbit”, book page that my mom and husband custom made. They surprised me at my baby shower and it brought tears to my eyes (which is hard to do). Next I hung this beautiful gold moon and stars mobile and added a paper chandelier. I started off neutral then realized, “whoa, this is a lot of white”. You all know how dear the color white is to me but I get giddy with pops of color, so I accented with a pastel tassel garland above the crib to break up the white.

Since my little girl is growing up, I get to start designing a room suitable for a busy toddler. Mixed emotions here. The nursery is my favorite room in our home because the best memories have been made there, so many stinky diapers and night time snuggles! I love watching my girl grow and cant wait to see what these toddler years hold!

Holla at your girl with “toddler proof” room ideas! I really have no idea what I’m doing, I just know what looks pretty! Oh and all items are linked below 🙂

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