Olive You

I wanted to share my newest boutique obsession. The Copper Petal. That’s it, I’ve lost you all because you clicked on the link and now you can’t stop shopping. BTW anything written in another color is a link…I don’t just randomly change font colors in case you were wondering.

Alrighty now. For those that came back, thank you. I will be rewarding you with a discount code…but not until the end of this post! I collaborated with this adorable shop and seriously fell in love. Everything is priced super reasonable but doesn’t lack quality. This olive dress is the most comfortable thing I own. I have worn it about 3 times since I got it. Which was last week…don’t judge.  I paired it with this suede lariart choker, which is only $9! Yes $9!! Did I mention free shipping? The Copper Petal has free shipping on EVERY order. No minimum. I just wanted to share because when I say I’m obsessed, the feeling is real. I snuck an order in today too! #cantstopwontstop

Well, I hope I didn’t ramble for nothing. If you haven’t checked out the site yet, go do it! But don’t forget to enter “cadiefletcher” on the checkout screen to score 10% off! Love you guys! Let me know in the comments what you bought!

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