Superfood Resolutions


Happy New Year!


…I know it’s February but this is my way of reminding you we are on month 2 of those resolutions! Have you kept them? Dropped them? Did you even make them? Let me tell ya. It is not too late! You’ve got 11 more months to get those goals going. Statistics say that 80% of people quit their resolutions the 2nd week of February…that won’t be you sister! So put the cheese fries down and get yourself to Tropical Smoothie Cafe! Idk about you, but each year I strive to be healthier than the last! Tropical Smoothie Cafe helps me stay on track with fresh and delicious meals and smoothies.




Lately I’ve found myself craving the Buffalo Chicken Wrap packed with superfood ingredients. It’s tasty and gets me one step closer to that summer bod!  I also love the limited time smoothies featuring Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Unsweetened Vanilla Almondmilk. (Mango Turmeric is Perfect for keeping those carbs down while actually enjoying what you eat! It is so hard to stay on track especially if you’re not craving the items on your diet. The fact that whole family can enjoy a meal that’s healthier AND convenient is what gets me here every time.


My 2019 goal is to remain healthy all year long. Not just for a month or two! I want to challenge myself…and you to join me in this. Let’s eat more superfoods and drink more smoothies. Are you with me?


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